Bus Information


**Our amazing bus drivers have a very important job to do..... get our amazing students SAFELY to and from school.  There are 84 students and 1 driver on our buses.  It is ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE that our students are able to manage their behavior, follow all directions and rules, and treat all others with kindness and respect so that everyone has a safe ride.    

**Students must follow all bus rules (listed below).  Students must treat the driver, adults, and fellow students with courtesy and respect.  Students who do not promptly obey directions of the driver and / or do not obey the bus rules and regulations may / will forfeit their privilege to ride the bus.   


1.  Bus driver is in charge of the bus.  Follow all driver's instructions promptly and courteously.  

2. Remain SEATED during the entirety of your time on the bus.

3.  Treat others with courtesy, dignity, and respect.

4. Communicate quietly using elementary appropriate language.  

5. Keep head, hands, feet, and all objects to yourself and INSIDE the bus.


Click below for bus stop and route information. If your address is not bus eligible, no bus information will be displayed.