Student Council

Incoming Student Council Members will have a meeting on Wednesday, June 2nd, at 8:15 am.  (Lab A in 3-6 building)

Congratulations to our 2021 - 2022 Student Council Members!   :)

Aiden Tate

Bella Banks

Benny Stokes

Brynn Martinez

Charlie Wren

Emmee Poll

Evelyn Cook

Iylie Dille

Jacob Smith

Julia Warner

Kaia Baldwin

Katelyn Cox

Kord Fowers

Lena Bailey

Lilyanne Noyce

Livy Larsen

Lucy Brown

Lucy Hyer

Mick Whittaker

Olivia Stoker

Owen Goss

Roxey Roberts

Steed McDougal

Stockton Head

Tenlee Thomas

Wyatt Bideaux